Since I switched to Sketch 3 years ago I have loved every minute of working with it. It feels much more non-destructive when working in Sketch, and I love all these smart features like Symbols (Who doesn’t like to reuse stuff?), Text Styles and it’s artboard where you can have multiple screens compared to Photoshop where you are limited to one.


I’ve tried all these cool editors – Textmate, Sublime, Coda and even Notepad ++ (when I was Windows user) and did probably switch code editor twice a year until I found Atom that I’ve used for 2-3 years now. I love the minimal and distraction free look, it’s intuitive UI and all these smart plugins that makes me write faster and write better code. It’s also built by HTML and CSS which means that makes it super easy to hack.


Well, I guess everyone is using Slack these days and it’s just a perfect tool to communicate with colleagues and even customers. It’s super easy to learn, but can be pretty powerful if you learn all these tricks like reminders, commands and even custom emojis. Who doesn’t like custom emojis?


Since I pretty much do all my work for customers far away from me, it’s perfect to have a tool like Invision to create clickable prototypes instead of just sending an email with static JPG’s. The feedback tool is one my favorite features of Invision where you can add comments directly in the design instead of writing feedback in long, hard-to-understand emails. The Invision Sync feature is also really cool where you can sync your artboards in Sketch to the online prototype tool.


I see no reason to not use a version control software like Bitbucket or Github in 2017. At first I was a little bit skeptical if it was worth the extra time it takes to push and pull code and so on. But that’s years ago and now I never create anything without version control.


Well, not really a tool but I use it as a tool when I need to get shit done and shut out all distractions. I even have my “work mode” playlists and use to play different music depending on what kind of task or project I’m working on.