I love to design beautiful things, write code, iterate and create user-friendly products that make businesses better.

When I was young I had this dream about becoming a pro skateboarder. I was the first to be at the skate park every day and the last to leave. I would spend every day pushing myself to become better and better. Sadly, I didn’t manage to become a pro skateboarder, but what I did learn from skateboarding is the consistent work it takes to be good at something – knowledge I apply to the professional work I do now.

A new interest

Almost ten years ago I discovered another activity I am passionate about – web design. At the time I began I didn’t know any developers so I had to code up everything I was designing. I suppose I thought coding was expected from a web designer. Since then I have launched hundreds of projects across the Internet for both clients as well as personal projects.

After years in the agency world, and working in a variety of roles and with varied projects, I’ve learned a lot about the industry. I’ve learned what it takes to create outstanding work, coordinate with other people in teams, and the importance of delivering accurate work that meets the deadline every time.

Going freelance

Given the variety of experience I have in my background, where I’ve touched almost everything that a typical digital agency do, I felt it was perfect timing for me to begin my work as a freelancer. So begins the start of a new and thrilling chapter in my life.

As a freelancer I’m now working with dozens of happy clients from my office in central Gothenburg that I share with a bunch of other talented creatives. 

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What I do


I like designs that look as good as they perform.

Web Development

I always strive to write less and do more.


I've been a WP geek since 2010 and still love it.


Nothing excites me more than creating results.

Digital Marketing

Reach new customers using smart, digital strategies.

Convert stuff

Convert more with landing pages and optimization.

Working with Jonathan is always a pleasure, whether you hire him for a project or work with him as a colleague, the result is always outstanding.
— Marcus Oskarsson, Web Developer
Jonathan delivered a first class service, in terms of reliability, ease of contact, speed and competitiveness.
— Mathias Hadley