• Client Jnthn.se
  • Year 2016/2017
  • What I did Strategy, design, web development

It all started in July last summer when I felt inspired one evening and started to create some rough sketches of my new portfolio. Then August came and I had to focus on client work. Then in September I had some time over and continued on my portfolio design and then started to write my first lines of code. Since that I’ve been busy with client work and have just treated the portfolio as a side project – that I’ve worked on when I felt I needed to take a break from normal work. But now in April 9 months later, it’s finally out!

Design and style

I’ve learned from my mistakes when I created my previous portfolios in the beginning of my career where I was too focused to show off my design skills. Like many other designers I’m into minimal design, so this time I tried to create something minimal and humble, but with some cool elements here and there. Blue have always been my color of choice (and works very well with monochrome design) so it was a natural choice of color for me. At the beginning I was using a regular sans-serif font, but halfway in the project I redesigned the typography part and decided to go for a monospaced font that went really well together with my heading font.

Working with Jonathan is always a pleasure, whether you hire him for a project or work with him as a colleague, the result is always outstanding.
― Marcus Oskarsson, Web Developer