• Client Printhouse
  • Year 2015
  • What I did Web development, design of some features
  • Agency Semway & Bleed

Print House has over 40 years experience within the print industry, and provides one of the most innovative print machineries in Norway. It needed a new website to freshen up its online brand. Together with my team at Semway, where I was working at the time and an award-winning design agency called Bleed, we built and designed their new website to align with the stunning quality of their print work.

A passion for printing

With two agencies involved in the project, we had an initial project meeting where we included everyone involved, got to know each other and discussed every little detail to make sure everyone was on the same page regarding the design and development. During the building phase we had close communication with the design agency through meetings and Skype calls to ensure that we built every little detail right. Since going freelance, I have no longer been involved in the maintenance of this site.